Scarlet Bearbeiten

Scarlet is the protagonist from one of my stories in Qu'noS and its Gods ,she is presumably the last vampire on Qu'noS which makes her a target of organizations such as Firefly and alike, Vampire Canines are a rare ressource or even dead in that case, they are important catalyst in Alchemy for creating Ichor cloth, Ichor being the blood of gods and even creating that is an expensive business, its folk name is "the blood of gods", and Scarlet being a vampire makes her a valuabe target, she is barely able to remember her past, all the surgeries have left their mark on her memories, she lost most of her organic matter that way, she has a unique gift only known to be used by Evabeasts and Vampires of Qu'noS, its the manifesting of their own very soul in the form of a field:

Scarlet does not inherintly trust elves from her experiences with them, there are only a select few she trusts and those are Zed, Kazara and Raziel, while Raziel in combination of Jack caused the exitnction of the vampires on Qu'noS in the firstplace, it may just be the feel of guilt for him, back to Scarlet, as said she lost all her memories from before hand is aiming to regain them and thus find out why she even is on the planet or who her parents are.